Corinna Santa Ana

SEO Content Writing for Health & Wellness Brands

Corinna Santa Ana - SEO content writer for health and wellness brands

Writing effective content for health and wellness brands takes more than just having a way with words…

I’m Corinna Santa Ana (Cornejo) and I bring more than a decade of experience crafting health communications along with the SEO skills necessary to produce the content you need to reach and engage your ideal audience.

Does any of this feel familiar?

  • The never ending demand for fresh, well-researched, high-quality content that engages your audience
  • Content that just isn’t generating the organic traffic and leads you need to grow your business
  • Maybe you’re overwhelmed with your backlog of optimization tasks waiting to be done
  • You might even have your keywords and topics already mapped out and ready to go

But, you just can’t find the uninterrupted time to focus on getting all that writing and optimization done.

The pressure is real.

Working with a freelance SEO content writer could take some of the pressure off.

But where do you find a really good one?

One who has experience in healthcare, health and wellness along with being able to write SEO-optimized content?

I can help you with that.

Hi. I’m Corinna Santa Ana (Cornejo), a proven health and wellness content writer who also has SEO chops. With over a decade of experience in health communications, I have a deep understanding of how to write content that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action.

I offer a suite of SEO content writing services, including:

  • Audits of your published blog content to detect strengths, weaknesses, and uncover recommendations for improvements
  • Keyword research to expose your audience interests, as well as ranking opportunities
  • Creating engaging content focused on improving your audience engagement and keyword rankings
  • On-Page SEO optimization aimed at improving your SERP and keyword rankings
  • Content refreshes that breathe new life into your proven content with revisions that reengage readers
  • Ongoing content writing in support of your consistent publishing cadence

My ultimate aim is to create interesting content that engages your audience while also optimizing discoverability, traffic, and engagement.

Take the next step.

Are you ready to take the pressure off and get the high-quality SEO-optimized content your brand needs? Book a free discovery call with me today so that we can discuss your specific content and SEO needs and how my services can help.